| Design and Function

MAGICBALL Chandelier MAGICBALL Chandelier Design


Look like crystal chandeliers, elegant shape to use SWAROVSKI crystal in the candle flame, emitting a bright light. Moving into the LED lights on the host, to open lights up in the elegant atmosphere.

MAGICBALL Chandelier Lightup


MAGIC BALL Chandelier enhance lighting design, base moved to LED lights, LED lights up through the tank Bottom irradiation, the liquid inside the aquarium light swaying.

MAGICBALL Chandelier Maintenance


Top case structure can be easily separated for easy cleaning and maintenance

  | Direction for MAGIC BALL
1. In accordance with the appropriate amount of water was added the MAGIC BALL glass container, the force shaking antibac2K Solution bottle body, even after the syrup, the amount of (5ml-15ml) antibac2K Solution (air cleaning solution) was poured into a glass container.
2. Glass container on the subsidiary pedestal.
3. MAGIC BALL upper horizontal lid to a glass container.
4. Plug the power cord plugged into the the MAGIC BALL upper power jack on.
5. To the left of the on / off button to turn on the power after the power is turned on the inside of the head LED lights for low light.
6. Press LED button LED on the right will be changed to bright light, and then again to turn off the LED lights.
7. Press the power switch to turn off the power.
8. MAGIC BALL antibac2K Solution (the air cleaning fluid) use valid for 48 hours.
9. Smoking room a more serious air pollution indoor use, even with less than 48 hours if found relatively turbid liquid in the glass container timely replacement of water and antibac2K Solution (the air cleaning fluid).
10. On the amount of use of antibac2K Solution (air cleaning solution), water to a predetermined maximum amount of water, it is suitable in 30 m2 of indoor use, adding 500ml of water antibac2K Solution (air cleaning solution) used in an amount of 5ml-15ml. If the area of the room less than 30m2 feeling flavor doctrinal be in line with tasteless (Non fragrance) air cleaning solution to use.
11. Although this product has the automatic shutdown function, MAGIC BALL continuous operation 24 hours after the close one hour before using.
12. In the above time of use, such as water significantly reduced, please note that the add water and antibac2K Solution (air cleaning solution).

  | MAGIC BALL Specification 



Model: CH Series (M Size)
※white: CH-6
※pink: CH-7
※gold: CH-8
※champagne: CH-9
※blue gray: CH-10

Dimensions: Diameter 15cm × height 15cm
Weight: 1.15kg/2.3kg
Power: 220V 20W (AC adapter AC24V, 36VA)
Air purification Scope: about 15 ㎡ ※ Scope is a rough estimate.
LED lights
Continuous use time: about 12 hours
Automatic power-off feature: equipment for about 15 hours, about 30 minutes pedestal


Model: CH Series (L Size)
※white: CH-1
※pink: CH-2
※gold: CH-3
※champagne: CH-4
※blue gray: CH-5


Dimensions: Diameter 20cm × Height 20cm
Weight: 3.1kg/3.7kg
Power: 220V 20W (AC adapter AC24V, 36VA)
Air purification Scope: about 30 ㎡ ※ Scope is a rough estimate.
LED lights
Continuous use time: about 24 hours
Automatic power off function: the device is about 30 hours, about 30 minutes pedestal
Standard accessories: LED pedestal (need to use three batteries / battery for accessories sold separately) Solution measuring cup, rotary shaft spare parts cleaning brush antibac2K Solution 120ml bottled nozzle
Origin: MAGIC BALL Made in Taiwan
antibac2K Solution Made in Singapore

This product is non-medical devices.
This product is to take into account the safety of the design, in order to avoid accidents, operate so as not to cause the failure of the product in accordance with the description of the use of the book.
This product is the air purifier. Do not for other purposes.
The price of the product does not contain the cost of mailing.
Detailed product information, please contact the retailer or visit the official website.